The new Alpha V1 larger sizes are suited for anyone looking to ride in winds starting at around 8 knots with a light wind specific twin tip such as the Infinity V1. 
They are also perfect for heavier riders hydro-foiling, providing that extra low end grunt over the 12m Alpha. Both 14m and 16m bridle configurations have been optimised for stability and a similar feeling across the size range.

In comparison to the Zephyr V5, the Alpha V1 16m flies incredibly well and is generally more agile than the Zephyr V5 in lighter winds. The Alpha V1 16m naturally produces a fraction less low end power and due to being a one strut design the canopy becomes less stable as the wind increases compared to the Zephyr V5 which has five struts, therefore keeping the canopy ultra stable as the wind picks up.

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Video: MLand Pictures
Riders: Gunnar Biniasch, Paulino Pereira and Mauricio Weppert

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