Full podium of Ozone R1’s at the KiteFoil world series in Gizzeria

IKA KiteFoil World series in Italy

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After four days and 17 races during the 2021 IKA KiteFoil  World Series in Gizzeria, Axel Mazella ends up in second place followed by the Slovenian Toni Vodisek who has proved is finally back after his last injury in 2019. He is the defending winner of the 2019 edition of the KiteFoil World Series Gizzeria, and on top of that he is vice European Championship in 2019 and holds a Youth Olympic silver medal from Buenos Aires in 2018. He’s been slowed down by a shoulder injury last year, but has already proven he is back. “I can’t really say I’m 100% myself after the injury since I haven’t had the chance to train so much because of my shoulder, other than doing the medical exercises to fully recover. I hope to be able to kite much more this year” commented Toni. “ I’ve made some mistakes and little ones today too, so the plan for the rest of the race is to have a clean one and have fun.”

Axel says: "I can say that the level is growing really fast on each competition and trying to catch the top guys is a real challenge now. I am pushing my body out of his comfort zone on every race and it is time to rest for a bit. 
We’ve got typical Hang Loose beach condition with thermal wind everyday letting us riding on 19m and 15m mostly  every day and some races on 11m. 
My hardest moment was probably the last race  because made me lose the lead. We’ve got a tangle with Denis on the start line followed by a lot of mistakes during the race. That’s part of the game and it iss how it is.
My best moment was probably my first port tack start of the event in front of everyone, it was funny and normamlly I’m not used to do that because it’s pretty committed and scary.

I got a good preparation before the event, I arrived some days before the event for preparing the gear and be ready. My mind was not really competitive at the beginning but finally I managed to reset my mindset and I’m happy about my overall performance.

The Ozone team was pretty strong also, big up to Denis Taradin, Toni Vodisek for a full Ozone podium and Nicolas Parlier for his good races during the event, I’m still surprised how our R1-V4 has such a great performance and is so easy to use.

I am proud of this team" 

Nico Parlier, 2017 world champion is back on track too. After some intense days in Italy he has ended up in a 6th position. "I am happy to be back on track, have a lot of things to improve still but had really good times in the racecourse. It is amazing how the level is now and how fast riders are" 

Results after 17 races (3 discards)

1    RYF 117 Denis Taradin  24 pts
2    FRA 69   Axel Mazella    25 pts
3    SLO 120   Toni Vodisek  53 pts
4   FRA 64 Theo De Ramencourt 53 pts
5   FRA 112 Maxime Nocher 63pts

Full results: https://kitefoilworldseries.com/sailwave/liveresults.htm

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