Snowkiting really does open up a world of freedom to explore nature's exquisite beauty. Here Ozone riders Simone Borgi and Wareck Arnaud take the Subzero V1 Ultralight out on a mission into the vast wilderness. The ultra light version is ideal for travelling and exploring, offering true preformance and enhanced flying characteristics it is the perfect companion on the mountain.  


A word from Wareck //

How not to be sensitive to so much beauty offered by our beautiful planet; The Blue One ;) Always lucky and privileged to have shared so many moments of grace, with sumptuous lights while strolling with friends on this unctuous and voluptuous matter that is Pow Pow (fresh snow in quantity that allows you to have the sensation of being weightless)

In harmony with the elements and the nature ... Here with Simone Borgi images of snowkite taken during sublime days of pure happiness on the snowboard because .... it is worth it ;)
I hope that this beauty will last, especially for the generations to come because the pure air of the mountains is incomparable. Dancing in the mountains at the whim of the wind is the sensational, the spirit is free but we need to be conscious of the future of this nature that we like so much ... words are not my strong point - that's why I make images!

I took this opportunity to share the song that ressonates the images and makes me vibrate - 237 Undersea ... let your mind wander looking at these beautiful views .... while capturing the meaning of the words.

  • Riders: Wareck Arnaud & Simone Borgi
  • Kites: Ozone Subzero Ultralight
  • Drone Images: Matt Eiga and Wareck Arnaud
  • Editing: WaWa /
  • Music: 237 undersea "Money" Lyrics /Je$u$ Hard & AsiNine

​More info on the Subzero V1 Ultralight

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