In the third part of The Kiteboarder Interviews from the 2018 AWSI Board Sports Expo, Ozone's USA Manager Dave Tyburski talks to Brendan about the fifth edition of the iconic wave riding kite, the Reo and the beginning of a new era of kiting with the multipurpose Hyperlink V1.


A versatile performance wave kite that allows you to have fun in any conditions; from on-shore slop to cross-off barreling reef breaks, the Reo’s unique flying characteristics helps you to maximize the potential of every wave. 

It has a fast and direct handling, an insane drift with huge depower, mixed with the ability to absorb gusts means you can choose exactly where you want to place yourself on a wave to make that next move. With the addition of innovative new bridle settings that extend the kite's operating range even further. 

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The Hyperlink is a true multipurpose foil kite, it brings together the performance of a foil with the feeling of an inflatable. One kite to cover almost every aspect of Kiting! Free ride, hydrofoil, boost and float, air style or unhooked, backcountry snow missions, you name it and it delivers.

The Hyperlink is unique, it’s the first foil kite to be as dynamic and fun to ride as a performance inflatable. With an unparalleled level of stability, handling and bar feeling the Hyperlink takes it to the next level.

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