The Swiss crew are having a blast on the Hyperlink! so stable and predictable with so much launch potential it's no wonder the boys are grinning from ear to ear. 

The Hyperlink is a true crossover kite and the first of its kind that can be fully adapted to be used on snow as an open cell kite or on water as a closed cell. Meaning now you only have to decide on your terrain rather than which kite to take! Here on the snow it has such smooth handling and glides effortlessly in the turns, using the utralight version is like giving the kite a turbocharge, it's lighter and even more responsive, not to mention it packs down to the size of a pea! The boys shredded up the mountain with ease, bypassing many a poor skier having to hike up. They went big with the lofty jumps and cruised to their heart's content. 

For more info on the Hyperlink V1:

Riders: Dom Zimmerman, Ronny Bollhalder & Jascha Shontshang
Music: Had some drinks, Two Feet.
Video: Reto Brügger

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