With the summer warmth coming to an end in Switzerland and the lake temperatures cooling down, team riders Jonas Lengwiler and Ronny Bollhalder took their buddy Bruce Kessler to go cruising the bare snowless slopes, flowing instead through the long replenished grass.

"We love the cold season of the year - the winter! Snowkiting is freedom with hardly any prohibitions or restrictions on where you can’t kite. Very different from our kitesurfing spots in Switzerland. We just tried to combine the snowkiting aspect on a late summer day. It was fun to try something new but still, we prefer to have some white stuff instead of grass and rocks under our skis." - Jonas Lengwiler

Not long now till the snow starts to appear, the tips of the mountains are already turning a whiter shade!

Music: Talisco- Everyone 


Jonas was riding the Chrono V3 Ultralight and Ronny was on the Subzero V1 Ultralight using the Contact Snow V4 Control System

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