"Fifth generation of the best wave kite in the world"

Matt Nuzzo of REAL Watersports showcases the Reo V5 and takes you through the ins and outs of what makes this kite so special and leaps ahead of its game.

"Holy cow I love this kite. I have been a fan of the Reo since the V1. When I ride the Reo it makes me kite better. You never have to think about the kite, it jus works. The drift is crazy good. Power delivery is buttery. Upwind, wind range and turning speed all just work right.

The leading edge bridle adjustment (VBG) allows you to have the Reo adapt to onshore or offshore conditions with the change of a knot. The onshore setting makes the kite sit deeper and the standard setting puts the kite farther to the edge of the wind window.

The best thing about the Reo is that it is not just a wave it. The kite just works. It feels great in your hands and you can use it for a huge variety of kiteboarding. I have even used it in the REAL Slider park since it is so stable unhooked. Granted I used a smaller bar than normal to slow it down, but it worked awesome because of the drift and stability. 

Compared to the V4, it seems that the canopy is tighter with less flutter, the turns are more crisp, the wind range is bigger and the VBG gives you two different kites in one bag.

Hands down the Reo V5 is my favorite kite on the market today. Oh yeah did I mention, they killed it on their new bar?"

REAL Watersports

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