Ozone Snowkite team riders Johann Civel and Wareck Arnaud together with their fellow Ride Up buddy Hugues Beaume journey up to the steep summit of the North face of les Trois-Évêchés, France.

  • The North face is 45 degrees with 600m altitude

Their journey began before they even reached the base, kiting for several hours in light wind, traversing the unstable conditions but eventually they reached the foot of the north face ready for their challenge. 
As they neared the top they suddenly became completely overpowered with more than 30 knots charging their 11m Subzeros. The kite maintained its stability and while fully depowered they continued to their destination in control and confident in having "the best security system ever"

Enjoy one of the steepest and fastest ride up you have ever seen !!!
Hugues Beaume / Johann Civel / Wareck Arnaud

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