Team rider Paulino Pereira scored big time during a recent trip to Cape Verde, Africa. Combining the GKA wave competition with a tour of the Island to uncover some sweet riding spots hidden away from the crowds and bagged some solid swell and flat water all to himself, you can read all about his adventure in the latest iKsurf magazine issue #75: Page 49

Paulino was out having a blast the exceptional all-round Enduro V2, a well-loved open-C kite that offers so much versatility. The easily adjustable triple bridle settings offer outstanding performance across a wide range of disciplines - freeriding, freestyle and wave riding...

FREERIDE: For Freeriders the Enduro excels no matter what board you choose to ride. Whether on a twin tip, surfboard or foil board the smooth power delivery, refined predictable handling and excellent de-power allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

WAVE RIDING: In the Waves, the handling, de-power and drift open up a world of opportunity. For surf freestyle, the progressive handling with smooth lift make spinning and air tricks easy to learn and land. Although the Enduro is not as dedicated to waves as the Reo, it still delivers solid wave riding performance.

FREESTYLE: The Enduro makes freestyle progress fun and easy from your first unhooked moves, kite loops and right up to advanced unhooked riding. The Enduro delivers accessible pop and drop making learning technical moves and handle passes easier, without needing to be as aggressive in your riding compared with a C-kite such as the AMP.

What does Paulino think of the Enduro V2...

"I'm constantly being asked about the Enduro, how it flies and how it feels. I totally believe that it's the type of kite everyone should have. It's the one that I always have with me and use for most of my sessions and the one that will not disappoint in terms of performance in any style of riding. If I need it to go faster and with more depower I can set it up on the Wave option (the knot closest to the leading edge). That's the set up I actually use the most, together with attaching the back steering lines to the faster turning option. Like this, I get the best handling and stability for my style of riding.

Another point I love about this kite is its jumping and boosting ability, it never disappoints. I happily let people try my kites and they come back really surprised, this kite gives them the confidence to go for their air tricks or to ride harder. 
I like mixing it up with my hydrofoil, cruising around it gives good lift for the tacks and gybes and is very stable while planing at speed. When the wind is pumping it is awesome for boosting on the Code and throwing down some fun tricks on the Torque twin tip, looping this kite is so easy, it is predictable and forgiving. I am definitely in my element though playing in the waves, when not riding proper faces on the Reo V5 I like to mess around in the chop with my surfboard and see what new moves I can come up with. It delivers on performance for all kinds of moves I want to pull out the bag. The Enduro V2 is for sure my first choice of Ozone's kite range, as I love all disciplines, it's my trusty sidekick that supports me no matter the conditions." - Paulino Pereira



Video by Ricardo Pinto & Diogo Cardoso

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