Ruben Lenten

Social Media / Team Manager and Big air Team Rider

Photos + Video

Country: The Netherlands

Passion: Kitesurfing

Kite: AMP 

Date of Birth: 30-03-1988

Nationality: Dutch



Link to your latest video:

Discipline(s): Extreme Big Air

Competitive Highlights: I don’t care about competitions.


Home spot: 3 months Cape Town, 3 months NL, and 6 months on the road. 

Favourite Spots: Platboom and Misty Cliffs, Cape Town, South Africa. 

Favourite Gear: I love all the AMP’s but obviously the 7 and 9m the most as that’s when it’s really really windy. Yiiiihhhaaaa!

Favourite Moves: Megaloop late backroll, Boogieloop 900, Megaloop 1080 backroll and just a nice toe-side tantrum.


More important than kiting: Good health and my lovely wifey. (when it’s not windy)

What do you do in free time: I love music, being with fun people, partying and eating delicious and healthy food. 

What’s on your playlist: Electronic music. Mostly disco, funky, Italo, house, Deep house, Tech House, Techno. This set is making me very happy at the moment: check out the some refined disco and house podcasts.



Why Ozone? First of all because of the incredible products Ozone have been creating for many years already. Ozone always keep innovating and bringing the best quality and performance and that’s exactly what I need. I very much like that Ozone is a rider-owned company and that it’s all about supporting the passions the best they can. A very different vision, and strategy than most companies where it’s all about the bottom line and making as much noise as possible. I just really enjoy the vibe and am looking fwd to boost Ozone together. 

What was your best kite moment? Nailing the Megaloop for the first time and building on that has been and is my best feeling in the world. And the jump from yesterday felt amazing, must’ve been my highest and craziest jump yet. I caught this super strong gust and sent it full power on my 9m AMP, then after sending it I sent it back asap to catch the gust again… and there I went. Feeling higher than ever before but yet so in control with the AMP, wow. I want more… 

What was your best life moment? Getting declared cancer-free felt unreal, surviving such a heavy chemo and being able to rebuilt my body, mind, life and career. It gave me so much perspective and what I want to do with my time here on planet earth. And of course marrying Nikki was one of the best days of my life, surrounded by our favourite people. What a celebration. WOW!

How would you change the world? Changing education. Implementing Idiscover360 into the school system. 
What would be your ideal day?  Living it everyday. Not one day is the same and I enjoy the variety a lot. Ideally I’d have friends, music, great food and a banger of a sunset downwinder in 50knots.


Fave quote: Ride hard and fly high. 

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