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Marketing, Team Coordinator and Sales Support


Everytime I take my Reo 4m out of the bag. To feel the sheer energy of gale force wind has always been something that I absolutely enjoy, before windsurfing and now on a strapless kitesurf board. I had great 50kt sessions with good waves in Pals, Caños de Meca and especially in Moulay Bouzerktoun, where I experienced the best kite moments for sure.

What was your best life moment? 

Definitely my exchange student year in Andalucia - Tapas and party, Tarifa beach life, met people from all over the world and fell in love with my lovely wife Mia.

What is your favourite part of the job?

People are awesome: our riders and ambassadors, our clients, the Ozone team and everybody else that is passionate about our brand and products. Every day I meet new amazing people, most of the times virtually, and I enjoy finding out what their story is, how they make a living and what they are up to. Well, hold on for a sec - the best part is having to go out riding and show the new models around when my buddies are slaving away in their offices!

How would you change the world?

Less talk, more action. This goes out to politicians, companies and those hyperactive whatsapp friends

What would be your ideal day?

Get up early to do some trail running in the nearby hills, big lazy morning family breakfast with banana pancakes and a basket of tropical fruits, spend some quality time with my kids on the beach, kitesession with my wife on a Reo 6m and shoulder-high rights, have a sundowner with some mates, and finish the day with some whoohoo

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