Snowkiting is a mash-up of many different sports. It’s not just Kitesurfing on snow, it’s so much more and it’s much easier and safer than it might look.

Very little wind is needed to have an epic session with friends, being powered only by nature. Snowkiting is one of the fastest growing sports with thousands of riders all over the world.

If you have a snowboard or skis, then all you need is a kite and a harness to get started. Once you’ve learnt the basics of flying a kite, the possibilities are endless.

With a Snowkite you’re able to turn a farm, lake or backyard into a terrain park. You can also climb mountains faster and more efficiently than the strongest backcountry skier or simply explore new terrains with friends. The whole mountain can become your playground, allowing you to access areas unreachable on foot.

If you live near snow, you need a Snowkite!


Then check out our easy to follow SNOWKITE INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDES

With the record number of entrants in the Red Bull Ragnarok 2018 it shows that snowkiting is becoming ever more the kiter's choice for winter sport. No matter if you're not a kitesurfer or even an expert skier or snowboarder, our guides will walk you through the steps needed to get up and riding...you can say bye bye to those expensive lift passes!

The whole mountain will become your playground; the epic sessions are waiting for you!


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