Noah Poritz delves into the northern Rockies

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The winter snowkite season has fully opened in the northern Rockies, USA. Ozone legend Noah Poritz has already been out chasing the wind and snow in his home region where they've just received a solid coverage of fresh snowfall in the high country. 

"The northern Rockies have been blessed by abundant autumn snow storms.  Storms in September and October have laid in a supportive carpet of dense snow in the Rocky mountain high country.  With the abundant snowpack so readily accessible, I made sure to kick start my winter of 2020 with sessions in Wyoming’s Big Horns and Montana’s Gravelly Mountains.  


It was only a few months ago, mid-June, that our last winter’s snowkite season ended.  Now we are back at it, not missing a beat.  Every session has been super-rewarding – fast powdery snow, smooth wind, and even some sunshine.  


Early season kiting is somewhat tactical.  The locals are sure to go fast and light to score fresh powder as the storm passes.  So far it has been very worthwhile, flying my 13m Subzero UL and the 15m Chrono V3 UL.  Both kites have the range and power to handle the autumn winds and autumn powder."


Thanks for reading and Windy Regards,

Noah Poritz

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