One of the best lightwind twin tips out there!

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KITEWORLD magazine gives our light wind twin tip model, the Infinity V1 a raving review.

Their test first appeared in their issue #101 released in September 2019


If you’ve watched our video review of the Torque twin-tip, you’ll know how much we think of Ozone’s welcome entry into the twin- tip market. They may still only have launched their first quiver of boards, but they’re, strong, sleek and look great.

While 144cm isn’t a particularly long length for a light wind specialist twin-tip, the width at 47cm is punchy. Light wind boards have traditionally been shaped like barn-doors with one single minded focus: to get up and going. They often aren’t a lot of fun beyond that, though. Square and uniform width throughout the whole outline – you gotta really love mowing the lawn to need one.

The Infinity however combines light wind performance with a good twin-tip experience due to the width being positioned in the middle of the board. As the tip and tail don’t stick in the water and spray you, you don’t feel like you’re plodding along on a pure light wind board.


The Infinity has a solid planing area but also offers the ability to carve out turns. Less grippy in the tip and tail; there’s actually a lot of maneuverability and it’s impressive to look at a board that’s just 144cm in length that can be enjoyed by anyone, from perhaps 70 kilos up to real heavyweights. Bully is the heaviest in the team at the moment and was shredding in 12 – 15 knots on his 12m.

There’s also a generous rocker which makes the Infinity easy but also comfortable to ride and the speed isn’t compromised by the increased rocker thanks to the channel arrangement in the base to counteract that. Generally speaking, the more rocker you have in a longer board, the less speed you’ll carry. The Infinity challenges this paradigm with a double concave bottom shape that goes flat towards the channelled tips.



The end result is a board that’s going to open up light wind sessions to more than just foilers and importantly to twin-tip lovers, it feels very natural. Bully says he’s had a lot of students experiencing good success on this board; with a bit of pressure on the rails, you’re away, driving forward nicely instead of tea- traying and skipping sideways. So as well as being ideal for beginners, when the wind gets up the Infinity’s useful rockerline further adapts, allowing you to hold down a surprising amount of power.

There’s also loads of room for footstrap adjustment, which makes it as good for schools as it is for riders looking to throw tricks, taking advantage of lovely flat waters that are only softly groomed by light winds. Potentially this is a good one-board option for a big rider too because it delivers lots of grip, is stiff in the middle and has progressive flex towards the tips.

Construction is the same as the Torque and we’ve watched Chris riding that up beaches and he’s smashed down from god knows how many kite loops and it’s still holding up like a dream.



The Inifinity will surprise you, no end (see what we’ve done there?). Clever design gives you great options for light wind riding – with really good upwind performance and easy handling that feels just like a normal twin-tip – but operates in far less wind. An excellent choice for lots of riders because it’s easy to throw around, bites hard when you want it to and is simply one of the best light wind boards we’ve tested for years.

Legit light wind freestyle options, but also big riders will really enjoy this board that’s tuned for real riding, not just mowing the lawn.


Not a lot. It’s a big rider’s toy, tuned for all.


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