Learn to enjoy the wind by flying a kite with your skis or snowboard.

Ozone team rider Jennie Milton is based in Thredbo, Australia during the winter and dedicates her time to instructing riders on how to snowkite.
Thredbo is a premier location to learn if your a beginner and is a world-class snowkiting venue for the advanced kiter. Group/private lessons and tours available for all aged between 8 and 80.
Spend a full day learning backcountry skills, kite flying and how to have fun with the wind. You must be a good skier/snowboarder and you will need touring gear but Jen will supply all kites and harnesses.
Snowkiting is a ground-based sport, unlike speed flying which participants spend most of the time in the air. It is easy to learn and Jen will teach you all the safety aspects of the sport. Most people get up and riding on the first day.

Whether this is an adventure for the day or the start of your new sport. Snowkiting is fun way to spend time in the mountains.

BackYour Guides - Jennie Milton

Jennie Milton grew up in Canberra ACT. Her parents John & Rosie owned and operated Canberra Ski Centre for 26 years. Jennie and brother Michael skied from a young age and both followed a career in the ski industry.
Jen was a Thredbo ski instructor from a young age and also ran Adrenalin Sports for over 10 years. She skied all over the world and then followed her dreams to Alaska and after 14 seasons riding in Helicopters, snowmachines and hiking big mountains has learn't the skills to be safe in the backcountry while leaving fresh tracks and having fun no matter what the weather.

Jennie and Michael also sailed from a young age and when Jen worked out how to use a kite to tow her around on snow she was hooked. Literally hooked to kite and using it like a personal ski lift to tow around the flats when learning and then all the way to the summits a few years later.

Jennie was invited on the North American Snowkite Tour and travelled with the top snowkiters in the world. She won the women's title and then beat all the men at the finals in Alaska too! Jen loves to share her passion for skiing, mountains and kiting with anyone that is keen to learn and come on an adventure especially when it's windy. The side and backcountry around Thredbo have been her playground when in Australia and is a fantastic place to learn to Snowkite.

Contact Jennie: [email protected]

Video: Wildman Film Productions

Follow our Learn to Snowkite guide in preparation: https://vimeo.com/showcase/5107607

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