My most painful kiteboarding accident

"Here is a cool video that shows you more about my most painful kitesurfing accident recently in Barcelona. I broke my leg badly with multiple fractures that needed a proper fixing. In this video I hope to inspire you to remain calm and happy no matter the situation. Dealing with challenges can be hard but I always tell myself, it can always be worse, and start looking at the benefits right away. It works for me, and perhaps can help you get through your next adversity easier. Thanks for all the support."  - Ruben Lenten

Film + edit: Floris Tils

All of us at Ozone wish Ruben a very speedy recovery from his injuries after he accidentally quick released whilst kiting in Barcelona last week. We’re all gutted for him that he is going to miss a few months of the season, and look forward to seeing him back in his natural home, on the water, as soon as possible.

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