Here's a creative video from Swedish team rider Patrik Cegergren highlighting the lift and kite soaring capabilities of the Chrono V3.

"Get some good height and make 1 or 2 downloops you will easily stay I the air for +9sec. I've never had so much fun in light to medium winds. The sweet spot for me with the 13m is 16-23knots. I get about the same height as with my Edge V9 8m in strong winds.
Check out my Woo account if you have one (Patrik Cedergren). This is my local spot Haga Park (Öland Sweden) A big flatwater dream. Unfortunately it's off limits from April-October so for another month I have make the most of it, afterwards we have to surf further down where it's more choppy.

Woo 3.0 stats:  15.9m 10.2sec hangtime.
Music: Jamie xx -Gosh

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