Congratulations to Toni Vodisek

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Huge congratulations to Ozone team riders Toni Vodisek, Axel Mazella and Nico Parlier for claiming 1st, 2nd and 3rd podium spots respectively at this years 2019 KiteFoil World Series in Gizzeria, Italy in conjunction with Porsche On Board. This is Toni's first major win at a world series event and well deserved after putting on a spectacular display of speed and endurance. Nico did a splendid job of regaining himself after having had a couple of unfortunate crashes and issues with plastic debris in the water. Well done! A big thanks goes out to Ozone Italy for all their organisation and support during the event.

Event Wrap Up by The International Kiteboarding Association:   

19 year old Slovenian Toni Vodisek has secured his first regatta win on the professional kite racing circuit with a commanding 25 point lead over second placed Axel Mazella from France. 

Vodisek secured the win with two races to spare in front of a growing beachside crowd “I feel amazing, never felt better” commented Vodisek shortly after coming ashore. “My first victory at a big event, I’m super happy. Thanks for everything everybody who helped me and it’s great to have the best kites, Ozone, and I hope we can continue this year.”

Vodisek sailed a flawless regatta with his final scoreline after discards consisting only of first and second places. It was this consistency which set him apart from the rest of the star-studded fleet which featured three past World Champions and seven individual race winners throughout the 20 race regatta.  When asked to what he attributes his performance, he knows, “It’s not one thing. This is a sport where you win by filling up the little gaps. I’m a bit stronger than the other guys so at the beginning I thought it was that because usually, I train in the light wind. But then today when they put the shorter course and it was strong wind, I honestly don’t know why I was in front.”

Second placed Axel Mazella, a previous KiteFoil World Champion and a regular fixture on the podium at international events admits he was simply outsailed. “I think this was his event for sure. He came here a long time ago and trained a lot on this spot. He looked really confident and super fast. I think it is possible to catch him easier in the strong wind than the light wind because he really likes light wind and I really like strong wind, just like Nico [Parlier] and all the French guys. But for sure I need to train more."

1st. Toni Vodisek (SLO) 24pts

2nd. Axel Mazella (FRA) 49pts

3rd. Nico Parlier (FRA) 74pts

All three racers were on our prestigious R1V3. Click HERE to find out why this kite is such a race machine.