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Out of the bag the first thing to notice was the size of the kite. After loading all the other backcountry essentials in the Ozone Mountain Tech Pack, there was still room for another snow kite. Weight wasn't much of a worry either, the Explore V1 was already starting to show its character.

I met up with a few friends for the day near Lake Louise, Alberta. After a long climb to get to the snow kite spot the group was eager to start kiting. The 12m Explore V1 was very quick to prepare for launching, the kite inflated swiftly with a faint breeze. The others where close behind with their 13-15m high aspect kites. 

The kite was very stable, I was even able to take photos of my friends while flying the kite. Climbing to a higher view point, I found the loops were very controlled. There was zero flutter when the bar was sheeted in.  After reaching my ascent I used the internal re-ride system to collapses and land the kite. A few tugs on the lines and the kite was back in the air. 

The decent was fun! The kite did not lift too much and I was able to ski down hill without much effect from the kite. My friend was waiting at the bottom for his turn, I didn't get the kite back for some time....

Overall: The 12m Explore V1 is a very stable and easy kite to use. There is a little flutter in the kite but it is hardly noticeable in the bar feel. A wide wind range makes it an ideal kite without the cost of an ultralight. The 12m can even go play with the bigger high aspect kites. The agility and nimbleness of the Explore V1 makes this kite considerable for all levels of snow kiters.

- Peter Martel

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