Ride Up team member Johann Civel and fellow snowkiter Hugues Beaume spent a full two days snowkiting and freeriding across the French Alps. Their main goal was to go as far as possible, cross the wildest place in Hautes Alpes call Queyras and join the main snowkites spots working with North West wind.

"Mission accomplished! after around 10 summits, 60 km and tons of altitude gain, we reached Queyras and crossed it :) 

During this trip I was riding the 9m Subzero UL and the 4m Explore. This is the perfect combo for this kind of trip. You are covered for riding in lighter wind as well as when it gets stronger!

The Subzero UL performs so well and is super light that you can generate power and keep your kite flying in very little breeze. When other kites are falling on the ground, the UL is still flying :)
The 4m Explore makes you feel really safe in the tempest and on the ridges area. You feel so confortable even in such extreme wind!
That a must have for the strong wind!! With that, you can add the best 5th line system on the market and you have the perfect gear to stay safe and to go everywhere in all conditions.

See u soon for new adventures" 

Thanks Ozone Kites for the perfect kites!

Johann civel
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