Earlier this month the Polish Kite Race Team competed in the Orava Snow Kite Challenge. With an abundance of wind they were able to fully charge, although the tough terrain meant it wasn't so simple and gave the team a good lesson in challanging conditions. Congratulations to the whole Ozone Poland Kite Team who completely dominated the podium in each of the 3 Categories (women, snowboarding men, ski men).

Stoked with their wins the team celebrated and had fun throwing down some fun boosting on the snow.

Team riders: Kuba Speedy Jurkowski Sportowiec, Julia Damasiewicz, JJ Splawik, Jakub Wątorowski, Kuba Wątorowski and Julka Morkowska.


Fancy testing out the gear for yourself? This weekwend, 26th & 27th Jan there will be a kite test event in Oravská Polhora, see here for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/538681413305427/

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