R1 V4 tech talk video is out

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On Thursday 13th of August of 2020, our R&D team joined in a public meeting to talk and explain the road to the new R1 V4, tuning tips and tricks, new kite features and more! If you missed it live, you can watch the full meeting again now or go to the minutes below for certain topics:

1.00 Ozone Team Introduction.

3.38 Rob Whittall Speaks about our race history and philosphy

6.21 Rob speaks about the V3 to V4 development

10.29 Question and Answer Session

11.00 Q1. How does rider weight and wind temp affect the trim.

12.50 Q2. Folding and taking care of your kite

14.55 Q3. Bar leader line length information from Nico P

17.45 Q4. Speed System measurements and trim

27.29 Q5. Air Vent design

30.38 Q6. Flying Line lengths from Axel and Nico compared to V3 in race situation.

34.00 Q7 How do our kites compare to other 2 line kites on the market?

39.10 Q8 Kite sizes, do we need 23m or 25m kites?

45.35 Q9 Why are Ozone performance kite and gliders so different?

55.40 Q10 What is double transversal shaping?





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