It is harder and harder to get sessions alone on the water nowadays with a lot more foilers around. That is why the 21m R1v3 is just the right tool to get out with the lightest of winds.

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Riding, filming and editing: Gunnar Biniasch
Drone: Staaker with Go Pro 7 Black
Music: "Won't go there" by Nick Ray (Artlist)

When asked how the V3 compares to the V2:

Definitely worth the upgrade. Here is what I found:
1) I have had a chance to try all the sizes now and the thing I noticed throughout all the sizes is the improved stability. This is really noticeable on the small kites. My V2 9m was a bit of a handful in strong gusty winds on short lines, the V3 is much more solid and does not shoot forward as fast. I can concentrate a lot more on other things now, which allows for more speed. It takes a lot to fold the tips on the V3.

2) The turning radius is smaller on the 15 and 21. This allows for much easier maneuvers and faster recoveries after crashes. I even think it is possible that the 21 can be flown on even shorter lines than 12 meters. I think 11 or 10m will work too. Time will tell.

3) The throw/distance needed to depower the kite is less than the V2. I no longer need a trim adjuster on the bar.

4) There is a more progressive bar pressure feedback than on the V2. You can still have good sensation of the kite with the bar pushed all the way out. I also feel I do not have to steer the kite up as much anymore during beats.

5) The V3s fill with air faster than the V2 and the V3 holds the air better (this however means it takes slightly more time to pack it away than the V2) . I think this is down to the new and larger Air Intakes and Valves.

6) The V3 has much thinner bridles than the V2 you really feel that there is less drag and vibration coming from the kite. It gives a much smoother sensation

7) The V3 can go deeper downwind than the V2


For more information on the R1 V3 Click here

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