Winner of the #myOzone custom kite contest gets airborne

One dreamer got rewarded

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The competition has ended and Patrick, the new lucky owner of this amazing custom kite, had the opportunity to get into the water and show off his dream kite on the beach. How cool is that?

We spoke with Patrick about his experience;

Hi Patrick, congratulations on winning the #MyOzone custom kite design contest. How are you doing?

I’m absolutely stoked that I won the kite design contest. I received a lot of positive feedback from all over the world and I couldn’t wait to see the kite for real.

Ruben handed you your custom AMPv1 with your design, how are you feeling and how was it to see your new kite fly in the sky?

Hell yeah, what a moment!!! Ruben and I were very excited to open the kite bag. I was smiling from ear to ear when we pumped up the kite. The details and way the kite is built is mind-blowing beautiful. We went directly to the North Sea to get the kite airborne. Wow, wow wow, what a kite. It instantly felt good and within a few minutes I did my first jumps and kiteloop under this machine. And what a relaxed guy Ruben is. He helped me rigging up the kite, we had a good laugh and we share a passion ... ride hard, fly like hell!

Tell us about the process and what inspired you, how did you get to this design?

I’ve made 2 designs. I was not very happy with the first one and decided to make a new one. I googled all kind of kite brands to see what I like and dislike about their designs. I came to the conclusion that most kites are a bit boring whilst kiting is such a fun thing to do. It’s a party to go kiting with your friends on the water and share your passion. That thought inspired me to come up with a colourful design related to having a party. When I start googling ‘party’ I saw a woman dancing in the streets of Mexico with a stunning ‘Day of the Dead’  painting on here face. That painting inspired me to design this custom kite.  The result is absolutely stunning. Thanks Ozone and Ruben who make it possible to ride your custom kite design!!!

We absolutely love how the kite looks and stands out on the water. If you want to know more about or order custom kites get in touch with your Ozone dealer to get a quote for your design.

For those who like this design, you can order it through your Ozone local dealer.
Also we understand that design can be a very subjective matter, so you can always get in touch with your Ozone local dealer to get a quote for your own custom kite design.


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