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Ready to dive into the unknown, ready to chase the wind and waves, ready to feel free again.

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The time had come to pack the bags and head out on an adventure again, just to see if I could still do it. After two years of recovering from my ankle injury and the world pandemic putting things in a new perspective, I was ready. 


Ready to dive into the unknown, ready to chase the wind and waves, ready to feel free again. I saw a good forecast and plenty of nice folks around Tarifa, so the decision was quickly made. Only to find out that what I had in mind, a perfect session in Balneario, wasn’t on the cards. In summer time they close that spot as it’s too busy. 
My buddy Ilyas Knauf and I packed all of our gear and flew down South. As my ankle is fused (ankle arthrodesis surgery) and still giving me some pain when I overuse it or land too hard, I had a special brace fitted by the military rehab specialist. A defence off-loading brace it’s called, which is designed to take all the impact from the ankle. Obviously it hadn’t been tested on a kiteboard yet so time to take it for a spin. 

Ilyas Knauf sending it in Balneario Spot, Tarifa with his Enduro V3

For now we fitted it into my straps so I don’t have to worry about my ankle taking a beating. We spoke to a few locals and surprisingly after 7PM a session at Balneario is sort of allowed. So I rigged my custom Ozone 9m Amp V1 and was very happy to feel the power and be back on my kiteboard. The brace was doing its job and the magic sunset vibes put me on fire. 
This session I got a bit more comfortable riding straps and it made me more confident riding with the brace. I was able to edge ok and pull a few epic feeling loops and am stoked with this solution so I get to do what I love most.

Now I know exactly what to improve on my brace, my body and my mind, so time to go home and work on it a bit more.
I hope you’re having an epic session soon too!

Ruben Lenten

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