Noah Poritz falls head over heels

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When reviewing a new kite there are many opportunities to lose objectivity and to let emotions guide the writer.  I suppose it is normal to rave and praise and to be subjective.  However, I’m going to try to be as objective as possible in my review of the second version of Ozone’s Hyperlink.  


I have flown the 7, 9, 11 and 13m Hyperlinks on the snow for about a month now.  In every size, the kite is fast.  I don’t know if there is a top-end to this kite.  The faster I go, the faster the kite flies.  It loves to be at the front of the window, racing along at full speed.  In addition to its race-like speed, the kite is very well balanced.  Bar pressure is light and refined; this has been an easy kite for me to fly.  


Concurrent with the kite’s speed is an equal dose of vertical lift.  The Hyperlink boosts very well and is rock steady when cranking the wing from one side of the window back to the original course on the redirect.  It loops on its wingtips, if desired, very solidly.  It develops a great deal of momentum on the loop, with no apparent backstall.  This is perfect for ascending.  


Equally reassuring is the kite’s ability to easily backstall, when desired.  There are times in tricky terrain when one wants to slow forward speed and kill power without changing course.  I have been amazed by the Hyperlink’s compliant maneuverability.  It behaves similar to a four-line stunt kite for how it flies.  This precise handling has surprised me more than once in the past month.


As to kite size, every time I have been out on the Hyperlink I have noticed how it has so much more power for its given size.  On days where I would normally fly a 13m, I have plenty of power on the 11m.  On days that are light, where I think I need the 15m Chrono, the 13m Hyperlink has been perfect.  There is also a fair amount of range in a given size.  Days where I would normally be overpowered on a 13, I have plenty of range.  By making a small adjustment to the centerlines, I can continue to have a great session on the big wing.


The V2’s addition of the 5th line, Ozone’s Internal Re-Ride Release System, has been a huge advantage, perfect for technical kite landings.  This system is very tried and true and becomes second nature to safe landings all the time.


The kite has five air intakes (inflation valves) which for kiting on land and snow are kept in open mode.  These intakes are slightly fewer than a fully open-cell kite, like the Subzero or Chrono EXP.  Because there are fewer intakes, initial kite inflation takes an instant longer, so momentarily pulling on the back-line brake handle helps wing tip inflation on launching.  By the same token, fewer intakes help hold the internal pressure in the kite and this creates a highly stable wing.


There are so many clever refinements to Ozone’s kites:  The quick release, the 5th line flag out, the shape of the quick release working as a 5th line winder on landing, the snow cleanouts on the wing tips, the chicken finger…   …so many subtle refinements that go unnoticed until one needs them.


Now is my chance to be emotional:  I love the Hyperlink V2.  This kite totally suits my style of a fast, maneuverable, highly precise flying machine.  The safety system allows me to venture into technical and challenging terrain with complete confidence.  The boosting ability of this kite is awesome.  It responds to my input for exact kite placement in the sky.  I get all the power I need when I want it and can shut off the power when I come in for the landing.  It is a great wing, one that I will never outgrow as my skills evolve. - Cheers, Noah

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