Congratulations to the winners and team riders

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Big CONGRATULATIONS to team 'Navrhuju Snist Psy' (watch the video to find out how to pronounce it!) Czech Republicans Honza Simek and Miroslav Schutz were crowned 2019 World Champions of VAKE - Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro – WISSA World Championship in Long Distance kiting! One of the world's most intense and limit pushing events in a place known as the 'Hawaii of snow kiting'

Previous Champion and Ozone team rider Jonas Lengwiler came in just behind with his 'Windy Alps' teammate Florian Gruber. Only 8 minutes was all that separated them and on a gruelling course like this one that's nothing, a fully deserved silver medal, WELL DONE!l 

Awesome effort by 'Team Camillia' the first all female team to cross the line flying Ozone. Norwegians Camilla Ringvold and Camilla Nore held their ground and fought remarkably to maintain their 11th position out of 35 teams participating. 

Jonas and the winners were all racing on our Chrono V3 EXP, designed specifically for expeditions and hardcore races like VAKE. It's built to be super lightweight yet durable enough to withstand extremely strong conditions even when pulling heavily loaded sleds. 

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