Team rider Ruben Lenten goes big while comparing the Ozone Enduro, Edge and AMP models. Having joined the team a few months ago, Ruben has been eager to test out our water kite range. Renowned for his immensely big boosts, mega loops and all round awesome riding skills, here he gives us his opinion and comparison of the different styles and features of each.

  • The Enduro V2, our go-to inflatable kite that literally does it all, any style and any condition, getting you out ripping be it freeride, freestyle or wave riding. 
  • Our infamous big boosting, race machine, the Edge V1 that gives you a huge kick of adrenaline from massive airs and insane hang time. 
  • The ultra smooth AMP V1, our user friendly progressive C-Kite taking freestylers to the next level, giving you the inspirational confidence to go for it!

We know his favourite but what's yours?

For more info on our full water range: Ozone Water Kites

Video: Noé Font
Kites: 9m Enduro V2 / 9m Edge V9 / 9m AMP V1
Board: Torque V1

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