Sean Overbeek

Kitesurf Team Rider

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Full name: Sean Overbeek

Nickname: the big brother

Age: 16 (16-3-2004)

Homespot: Workum, IJsselmeer

Years riding: 4

Describe yourself in 3 words: focused, extreme, limitless

Partners/sponsors: Ozone Benelux, the Surfr app, Connardsdusurf


Tell us your favourite…

Discipline: Big air

Windspeed: 30-40 knots

Wave conditions: Flat as butter

Kite: Edge and Enduro

Bar and lines: 50 cm. bar, 23 meter lines

Board: Code V2 135x40cm

Move: Megaloop inverted late backroll

Partner in crime: Jamie Overbeek

Breakfast: some good ol’ Dutch toast

Lunch: Not always the healthiest food, but definitely something that’ll give me the energy

to get through the rest of the day

Dinner: Doesn’t matter what it is, it’s always a really full plate

Workout: Daily stretching and just simple things like push-ups and squats

Hobbies: skateboarding and long distance longboarding

Quote: there’s not such a thing as too extreme



Tell us the best advice you have on:


The body: Listen to your body while you’re on the water, if you’re getting tired, you can’t think clearly anymore, and things will go wrong, especially in stormy


The mind: Kitesurfing is an extreme sport, but always know your limits, It has to stay fun too.

Your gear: Kitesurfing is not the cheapest sport, you can ask other people for advice on what gear to buy, but I’d recommend always trying something out before buying it.

Learning new moves: If you want to land a new trick, repeatedly do the trick in your head, think about every motion you have to do to land it, until you can do it in your sleep. This works especially well for scary and extreme tricks.

Overcoming challenges: Focus up, in the right state of mind, anything is possible.

Realising goals/dreams: Take your time, you could also become a pro kiter, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Get out there as much as possible, because you will also learn from the shittiest sessions.

Making the most of everyday: Surround yourself with the people who are worth itx, and don’t put time in the ones who give off a negative vibe. That’s one of the beautiful things of this sport, that you meet so many great people in different places.

Making the world a better place: Be kind to one another, life is too short to be mean against each other.


Please tell us more about the current … that you’re working on:


Mission: My current goal is to participate in the Red Bull Megaloop challenge, because that competition just gets my adrenaline pumping

Project: Working on some video projects, stay tuned…

Move: definitely want to land some big megaloop board offs this year

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