Jamie Connor Overbeek

Big Air Team Rider

Photos + Video

Full name: Jamie Connor Overbeek

Nickname: Dutch Dynamite

Age: 15

Homespot: Workum ijsselmeer Holland

Years riding: 5

Describe yourself in 3 words: Driven – Energetic - Focussed

Partners/sponsors: Ozone – Levitaz - Connardsdusurf


Tell us your favourite…


Discipline: Big Air

Windspeed: 30-50 knots

Wave conditions: Big kickers or super flat, i can handle it all

Kite: Edge V10 7.0

Bar and lines: Contact V4 50 cm, 23-17-14 mtr. lines

Board: Code V2

Move: Boogie loop boardoff

Partner in crime: Big brother Sean

Breakfast: Toast with Nutella

Lunch: Tosti

Dinner: Cauliflower Potatoes and Meatball

Workout: Kitesurf

Hobbies: Kiting - Drone flying - gaming

Quote: No limits


Tell us the best advice you have on...


The body: find the balance between performing and recharging

The mind: don’t think too much, just act

Your gear: Always make sure your gear is in top shape and safe

Learning new moves: Visualize is a big part of landing new tricks

Overcoming challenges: Belief in your abilities

Realising goals/dreams: Plan what you want to achieve, build your image, expand your network, stay focused, be flexible.

Making the most of everyday: be as all-round as possible, you’ll notice there will be virtually no day without kiting.

Making the world a better place: just be nice, spread positive vibes and make friends forever


Please tell us more about the current … that you’re working on:


Mission: Living the dream, becoming a pro kiter

Project: Some nice prospects in the pipeline, can’t get into details yet.

Move: Kiteloop double tic-tac

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