Daniela Moroz

Photos + Video

Country: USA

Passion: Kitesurf

Kite: R1

Date of Birth: February 2, 2001

Nationality: USA

Website: www.blog.danielamoroz.com (new/updated one coming soon)

Link to your latest video:  https://vimeo.com/user36945660

Discipline: Racing

Competitive Highlights: 2016 Formula Kite World Champion, 2016 US Sailing Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, 2016 Hydrofoil Pro Tour Champion, 2017 European Champion

Home spot: Crissy Field, San Francisco

Favourite Spots: Crissy, Sherman Island, Waddell, Los Barriles, Mauritius

Favourite Gear: R1 V2, Mike’sLab board and foil

Favourite Moves: Full speed foiling tacks and gybes


More important than kiting: hmm… still figuring that one out haha… If I’m being serious, then I’d have to say school

Inspiration: My parents, Erika and Johnny Heineken, the Ozone team - Rikki, Nico, Dom, Rob

What do you do in free time: swim, kite, study, try to always stay positive and have fun

What’s on your iPod: Galantis, Chainsmokers, Odesza, Glass Animals, Alessandra Amoroso, Romeo Santos, plus some Enrique Iglesias… a lot of EDM right now

Why Ozone? The combination of the incredible team and amazing performance of all the products makes it the best out there!

What was your best kite moment? Winning the 2016 world championships

What was your best life moment? There have been so many amazing moments so far… If I had to choose I guess it would be riding a foil for the first time - it completely changed the game for me.

How would you change the world? Eliminate plastic 

What would be your ideal day? Wake up before sunrise, go to the gym, make a smoothie for breakfast, go for a swim, take my dog for a walk on the beach, kite the rest of the day with friends and then have tacos for dinner after kiting.


Interesting/inspiring saying: 

Live in the moment and send it!!! If in doubt, always go with the bigger kite ;)


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