Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kites and paragliders, created around a small but dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots. The Ozone team share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress.

“Our philosophy of riders building kites for riders, remains at the center of everything we do. Our core mission is to improve our sport through technological innovation, intensive R&D and our enjoyment of the sports we love.”

The Ozone R&D Team

One thing we are most proud of is our dedicated and full time R&D Team.
Rob Whittall, Torrin Bright and Dominik Zimmermann can be found at locations all over the globe, testing on snow, land and water. Our designers aren’t just designers. They are also highly experienced test riders, top-level competitors and instructors.
The amount of research and testing carried out by our skilled team each year is more than your average kite company. Every single Ozone kite design is an original concept and is the result of extensive research. Whether it’s a high performance kite or a school kite, our test riders understand the rider’s needs in every aspect of the sport.

Bespoke Software

The Ozone design software OzCAD is totally unique and specially designed by our team, which includes aerodynamicists, engineers and fluid dynamics experts. OzCAD allows us to model innovative new profiles and designs with high efficiency and accuracy. Performance prediction models give us unparalleled insight, allowing us to advance designs quickly and effectively.

Our Manufacturing Facility

We created Parapex, our manufacturing facility in Vietnam more than 10 years ago. We realized early on that we needed to be in control of every step of the manufacturing process; to ensure the quality and integrity of our products. The Ozone facility is state of the art, fully air conditioned, ventilated and exceptionally clean. All materials are stored at a constant temperature and humidity to ensure consistency in manufacturing. We communicate daily with our staff, to make sure every detail is taken care of in the best way possible.






Highest Quality Materials, Without Exception! 

We choose the materials that go into each kite based on one factor alone: quality. Since 1999 we have carried out constant performance and longevity evaluations of every material available to us. Our current list of ingredients is a direct result of our on-going testing. Each spec and weight of cloth is chosen to maximize suitability, durability and performance.

Industry-Changing Design Innovations

Since the beginning of our involvement with kites, Ozone has brought some of the most innovative kites to the market. The Frenzy was the first open foil kite with de-power and it revolutionized the future of foils. The C4 was the first bridled C kite and it took the market by storm.
The Uno was the first inflatable trainer.  The Zephyr was the first light wind specific kite to come to market and the only 17m kite that actually worked.
The Edge took performance to another level; seven world titles is proof of this fact. The Reo popularized surf kites and is the benchmark in this category.
Today these innovations continue with the advent of a new era of performance foil kites with the Chrono and R1.

Version Strategy

We are happy to announce that from 2015, we have moved away from naming our products on a yearly basis (i.e. CATALYST 2015) and we are now using the V for Version on all our kite models. The first new kite to come with this name culture is the EDGE V8, Version eight of our High Performance tube kite. We have done this to avoid confusion in model updates and it also gives our design time for innovation rather than constantly updating because a calendar year has passed. We will still have a colour change each year to keep everything up to date and looking fresh within the market place.

We believe this is good news for everyone involved, distributors, dealers and the all important end user.

The Ozone Feeling

There are countless reasons to purchase an Ozone kite. We think the most important reason is the “Ozone feeling” that we strive to cultivate in each kite model we design. This feeling sets our kites apart from the competition. We invite you to try our kites for yourself. We believe you will feel the difference and enjoy the “Ozone feeling” that has made Ozone famous and unique around the world.