Revered snowkiter Lido Hans shares his stunning views from the mountains

Photos + Video

“What’s snowkiting for me? It’s living in nature with the help of elements. I started to snowkite maybe 18 years ago, in search of something like kitesurfing, but on the snow. I was looking to emulate kitesurfing, so I searched for flat land for freestyle. Later I find that the mountain offers even more than the sea. For me the mountain is 3D, because with the help of wind I can explore many mountains, climb steep hills, then put the kite in the bag and paint my own path on the immaculate snow. It’s something incredible.

Even better is when I wake up early in the morning and search for the magic moment of sunrise, where you can see the multi color sky before sunrise, and then the sun itself rising. I go also in the night without any artificial light, and navigate only by the moon. It’s fantastic because you can see something wonderful. I like to always take pictures of each session because it’s always special and different. Of course, I like to jump too because it’s possible to be in the air a long time. Sometime it’s like flying! Now my ambition is to study new ways to go up untouched mountains, to climb it and arrive in new places with only the kite.”

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