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Youths from all over the globe have travelled to Hainan, China to battle it out on the TT:R salom course to not only claim the Youth World Title but also to qualify for a coverted spot in the Youth Olimpic Games (YOG) later this year in Buenos Aires. Just four places are up for grabs in both the boys and girls divisions.

After a slow windless first couple of days the frustration passed as the conditions improved allowing for the twintip racing to commence on day 3. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, the races got quickly underway. With all riders on tube kites and twintips, they faced off to an equal start. The bug of racing can clearly be seen to be spreading with many youngsters using the TT:R as a springboard to the more elite kitefoil racing.

12 competitors (6 boys & 6 girls) already have their Olimpic spot in the bag but by no means can they be complacent as the world title is just as important. Ozone's very own racing machine; the Edge V9 dominated the skies bringing solid performance and speed to the riders, not to mention powerful lifts for some spectacular jumps.



Not surprising that after two down days the riders were beyond eager to get on the water, unfortunately for some they were a little too hasty and crossed the start line too early, meaning instant elimination :( This reshuffled the odds as some of the favourites to win now have to fight their way back up the leaderboard. The conditions called for riders to be focused and consistant as the pressure mounted. By the end of day 3 the wind had picked up enough with the majority of riders were tearing up the course on their 11m kites and attacking the the obstacles with force.

With two more days to go anything can happen, the wind looks like it's set to stick around so it's up to the riders to give it their all. We look forward to seeing some exciting races as the riders get more used to the course and their confidence picks up.



TOP FIVE BOYS (after 2 completed eliminations)
1 Xaver Kiebler (GER)                        6pts
2 Haoran Zhang (CHN)                       8pts (Ozone team rider)
3 Lorenzo Calcano (DOM)                  9pts
4 Tiger Tyson (ANT)                           11pts (Ozone team rider)
5 Maxime Chabloz (SUI)                    13pts
TOP FIVE GIRLS (after 2 completed eliminations)

1 Nina Fonts Castells  (ESP)              3pts
2 Kewen Li (CHN)                               8pts (Ozone team rider)
3 Alice Ruggiu (ITA)                            10pts
4 Jingle Chen (CHN)                           11pts (Ozone team rider)
5 Lola Ulrich (FRA)                             14pts

Full results, all elimination series results, and live scoring are available at

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