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The Kiteboarder Magazine testers were in for a surprise getting their hands on our newly released AMP V1, their test criteria was for mainly freeride material, we slipped in our C-Kite freestyle design to see how it would compare against the more regarded 'user-friendly' designs and it didn't disappoint! The guys had great fun boosting and looping the AMP at great heights, they noted that for a C-Kite is has surprisingly good depower as you change angles of attack which was well received.


"It has the load, pop and release feel that gives you slack when needed"

"When it comes to boosting the Amp, when properly timed, it delivers a really impressive amount of lift that feels explosive"

"The Amp is a fun kite for more aggressive freestylers that specialize in handlepass tricks or committed King of the Air style kitelooping. If you miss the hey days of C-kites and want to mix that feel with more modern user-friendly handling, or plan on signing up for the wakestyle tour, the Amp is an excellent weapon of choice."

"Overall, the Amp is a fun kite ideal for intermediate and advanced kiters that are largely focused on wakestyle/unsent freestyle or big gutsy kiteloops."


This was the first time many of the testers had the feel of our newest control bar design in their hands, launched in mid 2018 after over 3 years of extensive testing we are happy with their recognition of our quick release upgrade and the Click-In Loop's "Groundbreaking mechanism" that is "by far is the easiest mechanism to reassemble" and is a "colossal improvement"

Testers gave the new bar solid praise for its comfortable grip that is both wider with a nice raised pattern and smaller indentations for a fairly dense grip.


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