Swiss team WISSA World Champions!

Ronny Bollhalder and Jonas Lengwiler

Photos + Video

To be crowned official WISSA World Champion in Estonia was the big goal for Jonas and me this year. In the end we are big mountain kiters, but we also like the battles during races on the flat! In Switzerland we trained on black ice with our R1 Ultralights and different types of skis for that big goal! Sometimes it was very hard to keep focused when we saw our friends on the fresh powder in the mountains! We knew that our R1 Ultralights are great racing kites, but the skis would also be very important in the icy conditions on the frozen lakes of Estonia. So we organized us custom skis from the famous Swiss company Kesser Skis which would work way better than the speed skis from our Russian friends on the black ice!

So we went to Estonia to become world champions and compete against the strong Russian riders! The conditions were very difficult with 5cm water above the ice, and it was very important that your kite runs high upwind and your skis work on this slippery ice. In the end we decided to shorten the race lines on our R1 and it worked perfect - 15m lines for the kites until 10m2, 19m from 11m2 to 13m2 and 21m lines for the biggest sizes.

On the starting line the fight was hard and the Russian riders were very strong in tactics! Even so, Ronny managed to win 11 out of 14 races, Jonas won 2 races – so we completely dominated all but one race! At the end Ronny became World Champion in the overall ranking ski/skates and the ski class! Jonas got Vice World Champion in the ski class and third in the overall ski/skate class!