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Building on the success of the Reo V4, the Ozone Reo is back in version 5 (V5) to make its mark once again as one of the top performing wave riding specific kites.

The main structure of the kite has stayed the same with 3 struts, large inflate/deflate valve with 1 pump, a pulley-less bridle system and direct line attachments. The construction is Ozone’s usual high quality with Teijin Technoforce D2 and Teijin Dacron creating a strong yet lightweight wing.

There has been a large overhaul of the strut design for the Reo V5, and the result is a thinner and lighter strut which builds on the strength of previous models. This creates an overall lighter kite which improves flight characteristics.

The wing tips have been refined to eliminate any snagging of lines or line wraps. The tip of the leading edge has been tapered down to a minimal diameter and with the additional anti snag line deflectors it is nigh on impossible to catch a line on launch or when getting munched in the waves.

New, and perhaps most exciting, for the Reo V5 is the addition of the Variable Bridle Geometry which is already a feature on both the Enduro V2 and C4 V6. This enables the rider to change the feel of the kite by altering the bridle at its central attachment point. There are two different settings available on the Reo V5 to tune the kite to excel in either onshore or offshore conditions.

A high quality back pack with an array of spares, stickers and manual complete the Reo V5 package.



The Reo V4 had a hard act to follow, but the Reo V5 has done so with style. The variable bridle geometry opens the kite up to a whole new feel which excels in the less than perfect conditions we are all used to. A huge wind range and fantastic ease of use makes this kite ideal for not only those who are looking to ride their biggest wave, but also those who are starting out on their wave riding journey and need a kite to back them up every step of the way.

Ozone’s legendary construction coupled with superb performance for both perfect and regular conditions make this a package hard to beat for wave riding and foiling alike.


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