Welcome Reo Stevens

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Ozone Kites are happy to welcome on board Reo Stevens as International team rider //

Reo Stevens is undisputedly one of the most recognizable faces in the kitesurfing world. A native to Hawaii, Reo has been involved with the sport at a professional level since the birth of Kitesurfing, appearing on many a magazine cover since the early days. Over the course of his career he has mastered nearly every discipline that kiting has progressed through. Reo’s done it all and humbly shares his talent and passion through his successful coaching business. 
With Reo’s extensive kite flying experience and his wind and wave knowledge he will be an excellent addition to the international team and a great ambassador for Ozone and the sport. We look forward to sharing his energy and enthusiasm on and off the water.

A very warm & windy welcome to the team Reo!


A note from Reo himself //

"I only align myself with companies that I truly believe in their gear and their values. Ozone designs and builds quality gear with the highest performance – They are the perfect company to align myself with as both a professional athlete as well as a kitesurfing coach and travel guide ( I offer some of the best and most exclusive kitesurfing destinations in the world to people so it would make only sense to offer the best performing gear to clients at these locations.

Ozone has always been a company that I admired from afar so when the prospect came up to join the team as both a team rider and dealer I jumped at the opportunity  - plus my favorite kite already had my name on it ;)"


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