Red Bull Ragnarok Results

Ozone riders take 1st Place on Ski and Snowboard

Photos + Video

Hi all,

The RedBull Ragnarok 2017 has been a very, very challenging one ! The longest in the history of the event, with a total of 130km for 5 laps and 350 riders on the starting line.
With strong wind and wet snow, it was a big fight on Hardangervidda mountains.

Ozone riders were on top, Felix Kersten took the win on skis and Jonas Lengwiler on Snowboard category, both using the R1 V2. Dominik did it very well with a third place, Sigve, Peter and Didier pushed also their limits and gave Ozone the top 5 positions in Snowboard using the R1 V2.

Everyone who rode this now legendary event derserved a medal after pushing it in over 44 knots, and all celebrate it as it has to be during the party after the prize giving ceremony.

A special mention to Silje Hernes who won the Red Bull Custom Chrono as a part of the competition, well done and we hope that you enjoy the kite.


Cheers Team Ozone


Men Ski: 

1. Felix Kersten Ozone

2. Bruce Kessler

3. Dominik Zimmermann Ozone

Men Snowboard:

1. Jonas Lengwiler Ozone

2. Sigve Botnen Ozone

3. Miroslav Schutz Ozone

4. Peter Martel Ozone

5. Didier Botta Ozone 

Women Ski:

1. Stephanie Bridge

2. Camilla Ringvold

3. Camilla Nore 

Women Snowboard:

1. Aija Ambrasa 

2. Iris Straume

3. Marie-Eve Mayrand