Plastic Soup Surfer crossing North Sea

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Meet Merijn Tinga, the Plastic Soup Surfer. A few weeks ago he and board shaper Bram Hoogendijk tried to set a record: to be the first to cross the North Sea on a hydrofoil kite. A 178km long trip from the Dutch to the English shore.

The kiteboard was made from wasted PET bottles amd has the shape of a soda bottle. Message on the bottle: raising attention for the plastic soup problem and motivate people to sign a petition to put a ban on the deposit free PET bottles. 

The circumstances were far from ideal - strong winds and 2.5 meter waves made it a rough trip. Merjin got tangled in a fishernet and just before reaching the coast the wind died. So unfortunately they didn't set a new record but succeeded in their mission to gain a lot of attention for plastic waste in the oceans.

Merjin and Bram used the Chrono V2 for their record attempt. 

Visit the Plastic Soup Surfer homepage:

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