Tiger Tyson wins the Youth Olympic Games qualifiers in Cabarete

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Big News! our beloved Edge V9 has been registered as official gear for the Youth Olympics Games (YOG) later this year. What's more, our newest team rider, Tiger Tyson has just qualified with it to represent North America & The Caribbean, way to go Tiger, a fantastic result and a huge welcome on board! 

Tiger, 15yrs old and from the windy haven of Antigua joins us at an exciting time, having already been kiting for over 7 years and trained by fellow Antiguan and kite legend Andre Philips he is making his mark in the kiting scene. With news that kitesurfing was being considered as an Olympic sport he was focused on making this his goal, effortlessly switching from freestyle to twintip racing and shot to our attention at last year's world championships in South Korea. Under the guidance of 2x USA Olympic Windsurfing Medalist Michael Gebhardt, Tiger has gained immense skill and precision, he's even a dab hand when it comes to hydrofoiling. As well as being super talented, Tiger is also well known for his cheeky grin and positive demeanor and we couldn't be happier to have him represent Ozone. 


The Youth Olympic Games are to be held in Buenos Aires (October 2018), this is a monumental step for kiteboarding on its way to full inclusion at an Olympic level. To be eligible to participate, athletes must have been born between 1st January 2000 and 31st December 2003; they must then go through the qualifying rounds where only 12 spots are open for the worlds best young riders. At the games, the racing will be on Twin Tip boards in a downwind slalom boardercross format – this means hectic jumps and lots of fun!. The competitors have to perform around 6 gybes, on the course each mark is more than 150 meters apart, with a ‘boarder cross’ which is an inflatable cylinder shaped buoy, about 5 foot high that must be cleared. Competitors also have to perform a jump after every gybe; this means that although it won’t be a long race, to win you need pure power right up to the finish line. 


The very first qualification event took place last week in the idyllic spot of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Perfect conditions ensured fast runs, high jumps and a lot of fun for the competitors, who seemed to come back after every heat more energized and beaming. The North American/Caribbean division proved the most intense rounds and everything came down to the final race of the last day. The top three riders; Tiger, Adeuri Corniel and Cameron Maramenides went into the heat with only 1.1 points between them. Spectators were on the edge of the shore in anticipation to see who was out in front, with all three competitors flying Ozone's Edge V9 it was only the different colours that identified them. Tiger skillfully clinched the top spot having put in every ounze of energy. His team mates will have another chance to battle it out and qualify for the YOG at the 2018 TT:R Youth Slalom Worlds in Hainan, China, in May where the best four of each gender will go through to become Olympic contenders.

Here's what Tiger had to say about the Competition:

"Going into the event I was feeling good and confident and knew that winning was a possibility. I knew that I had some really tough competition mainly against my training partner from the USA Cameron Maramenidies and Adeuri from the DR. After the first day I was on top even though I messed up and missed the first race I stayed positive and won the second and third of the day. On the day 2 I extended my lead and was super happy with my performance in the conditions. On day 3 I managed to stay consistent and had a decent lead on the rest of my competitors. Day 4 was my worst day of the competition, going into the last day second place was one point behind and third place was 2 points. We finished three eliminations on the last day and I managed to get the right distance between my self and competitors to finish the event in first with 12.9 points after I got tangled and redressed and second and third place with 13 points. Honesty the most stressful day of racing ever. Couldn’t have been any closer! But I managed to stay calm and keep consistent to win the regatta. I am super happy to have stayed in-front throughout the whole event and couldn’t believe I won as I have been dreaming about this for so long now. Can’t wait to compete in the Youth Olympics!"


Ozone's Edge V9 dominated the Dominican sky, with close to 70% of riders choosing it to compete with. In the YOG and the qualification events, only registered series production “Leading Edge Inflatable” kites are allowed to be used. Both the Edge V8 and V9 have been successfully selected and registered and are seen to be the kite of choice for riders, maintaining its multiple World Championship winning speed and race performance. On any type of race or speed course the Edge V9 has a serious performance advantage – warp speed riding at amazing angles will have you clear ahead of the competition. In Tiger's opinion, these are the fastest inflatable race kites out there. 


The next qualifying event will take place in Dakhla, (Morocco) on the 20-25 February 2018, this is the chance for both European and African teams to qualify their nation. Tiger has a busy time ahead of him juggling schoolwork and an intense training program; we wish him and all the contenders the best of luck. 





North America / Caribbean BOYS: 

1. *Tiger Tyson (ANT) -12.9 pts - Ozone EDGE 
2. Adeuri Corniel (DOM) - 13 pts - Ozone EDGE
3. Cameron Maramenides (USA) - 13 pts - Ozone EDGE

North America / Caribbean GIRLS
1. *Lou Marin (DOM) - 13 pts - Ozone EDGE
2. Paula Herrmann (DOM) 26 pts 244 - n/a
3. Faviola Collazo-Velez (PUR) - 27 pts - North

South / Central America BOYS
1. Geronimo Lutteral (ARG) - 7.5 pts - Ozone EDGE
2. *Manoel Soares Dos Santos Neto (BRA) - 12.5 pts - Fone
3. Martin Errazquin Caldern (ARG) - 15.5 pts - Ozone EDGE

South / Central America GIRLS
1. *Maria Valentina Alvarez Villarroel (VEN) - 8 pts - Ozone EDGE
2. Ona Romani (ARG) - 9 pts - Ozone EDGE
3. Adela Mendoza (ARG) - 15 pts - Ozone EDGE

*: Country qualified to the Youth Olympic Games at this competition

Full rankings and race information:

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