Nico Parlier and Daniela Moroz leave competitors in their wake at the 2017 Formula Kite World Championships

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Ozone’s fantastic duo Nico Parlier and Daniela Moroz have done it yet again, after their success in the finals of The Hydrofoil Pro Tour they have smashed their way through to being crowned 2017 IKA Formula Kite World Champions!


After an incredible year of tour stops in Europe and around the World, the final of the championships was hosted in Muscat, Oman against the beautiful mountain backdrop. The riders had a warm welcome from the local dignitaries and the strong wind allowed for a solid start to what became an intense week of racing.


Going into the closing day both Daniela and Nico were at ease, having barely put a foot wrong over the first four days of the regatta.  However, the week still had its fair share of drama with the slightest mistake proving costly in what was undoubtedly the strongest kitefoil racing line-up of the year, made up of 58 competitors in total, from 22 countries and six continents, it was also one of the youngest with 10 of the 18-strong gold fleet riders aged under 21.


Nico’s continued success throughout the year has proved his strength and dominance. His rivalry with fellow Frenchman and close friend, Axel Mazella kept everyone on their toes during the first few days of racing as they traded first and second place wins having had many near photo-finishes. Throughout the tense pivotal battles of the final day, Nico showed unfathomable skill and a solid pace, resulting in a near-perfect score. Nico spoke of his amazement by the high level of riding he encountered and yet in spite of his need for total concentration and focus he still managed to have fun racing against all the riders. He’s super happy with his result and enjoyed every second of the final race, taking it in his stride knowing the World title was already in the bag. He can add this achievement to his long list of wins, this year alone Nico has racked up an impressive 6 major Champion titles:

1. Hydrofoil Pro Tour Champion
2. French Kitefoil Champion
3. Formula Kite European Champion
4. Sailing World Cup Series Champion
5. KiteFoil World Champion
6. Formula Kite World Champion

Not to mention he is currently the World’s fastest Kitefoiler at a mighty speed of 44.44 knots


Moving on to the women's class, it's been just over a year since Daniela astonished the kite racing scene when she was awarded the Formula Kite crown in China aged just 15. The teenager was back raring to go in Oman to defend her title. Luckily she was able to block out the pressure and managed to stay calm, allowing her to commence every race with a positive attitude and solid game tactics. In her own words she says it’s crazy to think about, never had she imagined she would have two world titles by the time she was 16! She’s feeling very excited about the future and to pushing the sport to an even higher level. Daniela went into the final day with 100% confidence knowing that her hard work had paid off, her unmatched result of six wins out of six on the penultimate day set her up for a comfortable cruise across the finish line and securing her back-to-back world titles.


Nico and Daniela were joined by former title holder and Ozone team rider Johnny Heineken (USA) who held his own up against the younger, fresher blood, coming in at a commendable 8th position overall. Young gun Slovenian Toni Vodisek, 17, put on an incredible display of willpower and showed us what he’s made of, after a tremendous battle against the top fleet, he landed sixth overall and scored the number one spot for the U18s.


Ozone had the privilege of being there and watching the greatness unfold from the sidelines. We are extremely proud of the rider’s amazing achievements, they won with grace and celebrated humbly. The R1V2 proved yet again to be the winning kite, oozing performance and helping the riders to dominate the class while raising the standard of what is expected from a kite. It seems clear that in every event the technical level of the riders increases and the speed barrier is being pushed higher. It is going to be interesting to see what the progression holds for 2018.

See the highlights from the final day and hear form the winners themselves:


Competition results:


Formula Kite World Championship, Men:

1 Nico Parlier (FRA) - Ozone Team Rider                         

2 Axel Mazella (FRA)           

3 Olly Bridge (GBR)  


Formula Kite World Championship, Women:

1 Daniela Moroz (USA) - Ozone Team Rider                                  

2 Elena Kalinina (RUS)

3 Alexia Fancelli (FRA)


Formula Kite World Championship, U-18 Division:

1 Toni Vodisek (SLO) - Ozone Rider                         

2 Martin Dolenc (CRO)

3 Mani Bisschops (AUS)

For more information on the event and a breakdown of the daily riding, head over to: http://formulakite.com/


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