Ben Petit Wins Masters in Sardinia

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Yet another title to finish the year off, Nico Parlier scores big in Sardinia as he scoops up the Grand Slam GoldCup trophy. Adding to 2018's collection of prizes; Formula Kite World Champion, San Fran Bay Challenge - Long Distance Champion, French National Champion, Defi Kite Champion and first place in the Hydrofoil Pro Tour. All this while studying for exams and training for his course practical reviews. A very well deserved WELL DONE! 

“I’m pleased with the result here and I’m pleased with my racing,” said Parlier. “I managed to stay in the lead and beat Maxime Nocher. We were tied on points, but I was able to stay ahead of him and take the win.”

(Source: IKA International Kiteboarding Association)

The Kite Foil Gold Cup World Championships was originally meant to be spread over 4 events, the best 3 event scores would have gone towards defining the Champion status. However the last leg of the tour which was intended to be in Oman was called off meaning Sardinia became the decider stop. Having come second in Weifang, China and then not being able to compete in Act 2 in Pingtan due to Uni comitments, this meant Nico was out of the running. Having only competed 2 out of the 3 events Nico was holding out for the now cancelled Oman stop, therefore the title went to fellow countryman Maxime Nocher who came in second behind Nico in Sardina.


A huge congratulations is also deserving to Ozone Legend team rider Benjamin Petit. Ben has had an extremely successful year winning the World and European Master and Grand Master division Championships:

"Double World Champion 2018 !!! After the double in Europe in Germany, I am the winner of the Foil World Cup 2018 in Master (and Grand Master) ...
A special year for me with an awareness of what really matters in life ....The crazy chicken was with me on these last podiums as Theo will remain forever in my heart.
To all those who join this beautiful community that I have had the chance to see born and grow since 2012 at the first international FOIL event in La Ciotat...
Thank you to all my partners who supported me during all these beautiful years!"


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