Yo Pudla wins in China

Photos + Video

Ozone international team rider Narapichit 'Yo' Pudla defends his championship status by yet another win in China, this time for the TTR Open (Twin Tip Racing). Well done Yo, congratulations on the well deserved win!

A word from Yo:

"I just came back from China TTR open event and it was another good event to have won, happy to stand on 1st podium and promote the Ozone kite brand all over Chinese media. The TTR COURSE RACE event was for tube kites only. The Ozone Edge v9 stood out clearly as the kite used by the majority of competitors. No surprise then that both the men and women winners were using the EDGE V9.
My next event will be in China again for IKA TTR course race Asia championship 2018 in Zhuhai City then followed by the TTR course race international open in Hainan sland. I look forward to doing my best and representing Ozone on the beach and via the media."


More info on the Edge V9

The Edge V9 kite has dominated the skies across the globe in Twin Tip, Speed and Slalom racing with almost total domination at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The Edge model brings solid performance and speed to the riders, not to mention powerful lifts for some spectacular jumps. Known for reaching insane speeds while retaining smooth agility, both the Edge V8 and V9 are fully IKA registered series. Yo´s win adds to the Edge's numerous world titles, proving once more its status as a multiple World Championship winning speed and race performance kite.

The Edge V9 has a serious performance advantage – warp speed riding at amazing angles will give you an addictive action packed session. The results speak for themselves.