New spots discovered

Johann Civel

Photos + Video

Here are some news from the Southern French Alps.

We have been lucky to get 2 meters snow by the end of October. And now fresh snow is just back.

It's not the best time of the winter for high routes on the glaciers so we keep exploring other places. This is one of the most exciting things for me and my friends Hugues and Wareck.

We were traversing the ranges around our home spot and we started to join the good spots we know in the next valley. On the last traverse, we skied down to Italy and carried on kiting until another valley called Queyras .

The good thing is that we can always sleep in the valley!! No tent, no sleeping bag, just 2 kites (usually Frenzy V10 UL 9m and Summit V4 6m), water and avalanche equipment...

To be honest the maps scaled 1:25000 are getting too small for our daily trips :)

In fact there are snowkite spots everywhere, and when you look at a map from far away, you feel that you can traverse part of the Alps very quickly when you have the right conditions.

For the light days I use my Chrono V2 UL 13m on the Lautaret pass. It's my flying machine, i can spend hours and hours flying, trying to find the best line to fly as close as possible to the floor and to get the longest hang time. I shouldn't tell you that, as kites are not made for flying!!

In the mountains, I normally use the 12 Summit UL. It’s so versatile and the UL material make this great kite faster, flying in a breeze when the others kites are falling out of the sky! And it’s so light that you tend to forget that you’re carrying around.

Attached you will find different pictures of the newly discovered spots in 2017.

All this has been possible thanks to the new kites ...but also thanks to the 5th line re-ride system which enables us to make these trips with full confidence.

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