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Johann Civel

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Hi guys
here is a quick resume about the end of the season
After riding up in 1 hour some crazy routes in les Ecrins, reaching some glaciers where usually you need between 6 and 8 hours walking, my friend Hugues Beaume and I finally decided to go to Chamonix and check out the spot. In fact just the Mont Blanc was rolling in our mind!
Thanks to a local guide, Jean Se, we finally decided to reach this mountain via the "royal route", the North face!!
The way up there was really tricky, some huge seracs tower above you and won't be able tell when they will crack and fall on your face.
On the first day we walked up hoping to get a little wind higher up and maybe do the top in one day...Unfortunately, we didn't get any wind... so we spent the night at the refuge Les Grands Mulets and give it a try the next day.
The next morning we had to skin up more and we finally get a little bit of sideways wind that allowed us to reach the altitude of 4000m.
The wind was as tricky as the face is - changing direction, mode on-off. I saw the last face before the top... I'm sure it's doable but this time the wind was too complicated on this mountain. We'll have to spend more time trying... and we have to be back :-)
We hadn't been kiting a lot on the Mont Blanc, but now people in the valley are already talking a lot about our sport. We heard some crazy stuff like "it's a revolution", "it's the future"....
It's giving us hope for the next years!

I really feel like a page has been turned, and that snowkiting is really having this place in the alpinisme world: it's modern mountaineering!
Chamonix, we will be back!!
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