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New team rider for Ozone Germany 

Since early 2018, Mario Rodwald has been riding and traveling with Ozone Kites Germany.

Mario: "Proudly joining Ozone Kites! When deciding to launch my own board brand I had the chance to test all the kites I wanted to. With Ozone I found the perfect partner who has a very different approach to the industry. Kites are only assembled for order and the product life cycle is much longer - this more sustainable approach really fits my ideology. But most importantly the C4 is a pure Freestyle machine and the REO is the perfect match for any wave around the globe!

Looking forward to this season!

As a little boy, I spent every holiday in Denmark and was already on a surfboard for the first time at the age of 5. Since my dad taught me kitesurfing in 2001, I haven't touched my windsurfing gear, and from 2002 to 2014 I entered all the championships I could, the Worldcups and EMs drove where I went.

Pushing myself and my freestyle material to the limit is still the ultimate kick for me today. My heart is still beating for freestyle! But also the fat waves around the globe and the feeling of the hydrofoil fascinates me today! "

We are very happy to have Mario in the team with his warm, open nature and of course his amazing skillset! Welcome, Mario!


Your greatest achievements in the past //

3x European Champion, 8x German Champion, 1st Best Trick World Cup Tarifa 2008, 1st World Cup KPWT Germany, 1st Team World Cup 2011, 3rd World Cup PKRA Freestyle Venezuela 2012


Your mission in 2018 and beyond //

After more than a decade of racing around the globe, I just enjoy designing my own season. This gives me the chance to try even more creativity in my style on the water and capture it in videos. We have just been to Iceland and have captured shots of which I have dreamed all my life! Exactly such trips I would like to compete in the next few years. Since this year I have my own board company KOLD shapes it motivates me to constantly try new things in the development. So I can constantly reinvent myself in the development!


Your favorite spots //

I think it's always the new spots that inspire me! One season it is the wave in One Eye, the next year the perfect headland in Denmark and this year definitely the diversity of Iceland. Reinventing yourself every year also does good in sports!


Who you enjoy riding with //

The list is endless. When freestyling I love the Tarifa crew with Liam, Alex and Co. When I'm in the wave, I like to ride with my sister! For Hydrofoil I like to meet with my friends from the beginning of the kit - There are countless spots around Fehmarn!


Why Ozone //

First and foremost, of course, the product must convince. With the C4 for new freestyle moves, the REO in the wave and the chrono V3 in the hydrofoil, it is an incredibly harmonious setup. Unlike other companies Ozone produces only on demand - without overproduction there is no sale. This fits in perfectly with the sustainable ideology behind my boards.


Tips for Ozone Riders //

Enduro, REO, C4 or Chrono - each kite has three to four different settings that are all fun! Definitely try it all out and see what suits your style best! For example, I fly the C4 as a 5-line for optimal slack and have the REO attached to fast setting on my 45cm bar with short lines. Depending on the wind, I'll add myself 2m extensions!


If you're not kiting, what are your other hobbies //

Surfing is definitely my other big passion! Shortboard to Longboard ... that's the best meditation for me. If there are no waves, I try real meditation or drive to the snow for boarding!


What is important to you //

10 years ago, everything revolved around the most blatant freestyle move. Today, kite surfing is just as important to me as experiencing nature - transparent, clean tubes on Mauritius or hydrofoils through the Arctic Ocean. I wish that this "playground" will be preserved! I'm glad that more and more water sports people are helping to clean the oceans .... I think that's important to me.


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