Lord of the Wind 2017

Cynthia Brown

Photos + Video

In order to be considered for Lord & Lady of the Wind, a contestant must compete in all kite disciplines. It is a true test of endurance and diversity. Their points in each category are then totaled to determine the best all around kitesurfer.
The required event categories consisted of:
* Kite Foil Course Racing
* Slalom Racing/Boarder Cross twin tip only
* Freestyle – strap or non-strap divisions
* Big Air – foil or other board type divisions

       The 5 day event kicked off with a questionable wind forecast, but fortunately 4 hydrofoil races and all complete boarder cross brackets were completed on the first day. The next three days were filled with light and variable winds that allowed for only 4 more hydrofoil races. Nico Landauer and Julien Kerneur dominated the hydrofoil course swapping 1st and 2nds, on their R1 V2s. Julien eventually took home the gold by only one point. Even after foil racing all morning, Chip Wasson schooled the young guns on the boarder cross course by taking 2nd with his 11m Edge. 
       On the final day, the wind gods returned with vigor, just in time for the freestyle and big air competitions. While flying a 7m Enduro, Cynthia Brown wowed the spectators with front rolls, back rolls and other gravity defying tricks, in the strapless division. In the big air, Julien Kerneur owned the sky with his 17m R1 V2 as did Cynthia Brown with her 15m Chrono V1. 
       In the end, Julien Kerneur and Cynthia 'Cynbad' Brown managed to retain their titles as Lord and Lady of The Wind for the third year in a row.

Photos courtesy of Sebastian Tron, Live2Kite, and Eric Stevens

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