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The Snowkite season has arrived in Europe. Ozone team riders have already been riding the snow and we are very excited to see again how much happiness and freedom this sport delivers.

In Ozone we are all passionate sportspersons and we live to be out , kiting in the sea, foiling with a kite, wing,  flying as high as we can or  climbing mountains with a kite to get amazed by the views. We trust in our products and we spend hours riding them to make sure we can deliver the highest performance and quality so everyone can enjoy the way we do and share the same passion.  This is why when it comes to what it could be a potential great session, we leave the office and get products in our hands straight away. We go out to test this last prototype we are working on, we ride all our products and see what we can improve in the next version we want to release or to simply be with the customers and share a session with them.


The current winter season in Europe isn’t looking great for the snowboard and skiing sports background. Since Covid-19 is still around us and Ski Resorts are suffering delays with their openings in many European countries, some riders have already reconsidered the season and aim to swap the ski lifts for the power of the wind to explore more and to feel free  in the mountains…   it is the Snowkiting year!


Last Monday 21st of December, the Ozone team from Spain and few invited riders left their offices to go to the mountains. The forecast looked very interesting and this is why we decided to take all models and many sizes so we could explore the mountains all day. Hannes, as always was already up with his Subzero V1 Ultralight before we could even notice. Then we could appreciate Iain’s happiness, he loves to be surrounded by snow and wind and  he didn’t think  twice to set his Chrono V3-EXP. David and Matias followed them after being super exited so they didn’t go that often Snowkiting. David was testing the new Explore V2 and Chrono EXP as well. The rest didn’t take long to get kites in their hands and started exploring.



Iain (General manager):

It was a huge pleasure for us to kick the season in Spain off with an Ozone team session. We found snow, wind and tested all the kites from the range. With the ski slopes closed at the moment, this is the only way to blast round the mountains in complete freedom with your friends. It was a great day and to be repeated!

Then we could appreciate Iain’s happiness, he loves to be surrounded by snow and wind...


Matias (Web and OS developer) :

For me being on the snow brings back that feeling of exploration and adventure back to me, having the chance to go up to the mountain only using the wind is mind blowing for me, nothing beats like getting disconnected while watching beautiful snowy mountains! and even better when you are with friends. Its just 10 times more fun and easier than being on the water for me!

David (Marketing manager):

It was my 2nd time snowkiting and It was incredible. I have been snowboarding for 19 years now and kiting for 15. What I love the most about snowboarding is using the lifts to go to the highest point of the resort, walk a bit and throw myself to an empty backcountry line, be the first to ride it and enjoy the way down. I was surprised to know I can use a kite to climb up the mountain, pack it safely thanks to our incredible  5th line system and then throwing myself to paradise for free ! Definitely one to repeat…


Hannes (Sales and Marketing) :

Few things beat a day in the snow when everything lines up - a dump of fresh snow, a little wind and a van loaded up with gear to test. Bringing your mates along and showing them what snowkiting is all about, can't get any better. Spirits peaked when the wind picked up and the sun came out, everybody was riding with a big smile on our faces!


Photos: Matias Nombarasco 

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