REO V5 - "It’s an absolute weapon!"

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Since its introduction six years ago the Reo has been the reference for pure wave riding, setting the benchmark in performance and feeling. The Reo’s unique flying characteristics allow you to maximize the potential of every wave, giving you the freedom to smash the lip, clear a section, carve turns or snap in the pocket.

Matt and Jim from Kiteworld Magazine got their hands on our iconic wave riding specific model earlier this year and scored some stunning sessions. For those who didn't see it in their recent issue #97 it's now online.

 "a reference wave kite for its speed, agility and power generation through movement. It’s an absolute weapon!"  "Electric handling to please progressing wave riders up to the most hardcore."



The Reo is genuinely lightening quick and very smooth in all its movement. Tune it for more or less of a weighted presence and riders of all weights and tastes can find their groove. Perfect aerodynamics mean that although it’s naturally a kite for those who like a fast steering kite, particularly in more onshore conditions, the Reo is very happy to drift too as it’s light, very well balanced and can be paused beautifully.


Electric handling to please progressing wave riders up to the most hardcore. 



The Reo’s the Reo, so not really. Some inexperienced riders will find it too quick, though. 

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